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Electronic Laboratory Notebook

29 September - 01 October, 2014

Brussels, Belgium


EDKM Europe (ELNs, Data Analytics and Knowledge Management) Summit

The only event dedicated to the next generation of lab informatics applications and building a searchable, shareable database to improve decision making and efficiency

Back for a 13th year, Europe's best (and only) forum is dedicated to exploring the world of ELNs, Data Analytics, Knowledge Management and beyond...!

The 13th annual ELNs Europe event is back but with a brand new image – EDKM (ELNs, Data Analytics and Knowledge Management)! Although this will still include ELNs, it has been re-branded to reflect current trends and to include data analysis and knowledge management.

We have listened to your comments and taken your feedback on board and I am happy to announce that we have rebranded our successful ELNs summit into EDKM (ELNs, Data Analytics and Knowledge Management). Although this is the same event, we will be highlighting the current challenges in Data Analysis and Knowledge Management.

This event has been closely linked to the lifecycle of an ELN, from the selection process to the day to day activities and archiving of the data for knowledge management purposes. This event is for people who are not yet using ELNs to have some ideas on the selection, but also for people who have to figure out possible next steps after ELN implementation.

Some challenges that are currently faced in the labs:

  • Data Analysis – you have all the data stored – great! But now what?
  • Standardisation and Integration – how do you integrate your ELNs and lab systems into the wider IT landscape?
  • Data archiving – re-using the data. How easy is it for you to re-use the data? More importantly – how is your business affected by not re-using the data effectively?
  • Increasing security, decreasing costs – what are the best solutions for your company?
  • Knowledge Management – how do you ensure that the best value of KM in ELNs is maintained?

Is this event for you? Simple – if you have a lab then yes!  Although the pharmaceutical industry have been implementing these systems for over 15 years, other industries such as food and beverage, fast consumer goods, cosmetics, oil and gas industries have also started to implement these systems into their laboratories with the hope of not only becoming a ‘paperless lab’ but to manage their data in the most effective and efficient way possible

See you in Brussels!

Here is what last year’s delegates said about the event:

“A good opportunity to get best practices in ELN integration.”Vincent Marchal, L'Oreal
“Very valuable, learned a lot, inspired.”Raquel Dias Miranda, Novartis Pharma AG
“Good to meet the main players and have made contacts that I would not have made otherwise.”Chris Christodoulou, Medimmune

2012 Attendee Organisations included:

  • Karolinska Institute
  • L`Oreal
  • Leo Pharma AS
  • Lonza Group Ltd.
  • L'Oréal
  • Mars
  • Merck
  • Merck Serono SA
  • Mundipharma International Ltd
  • Novartis Pharma AG
  • Novo Nordisk AS

Exclusive interview with John Jones, CEO of LabLynx, Inc

Out on a LIM: Is LIMS Selection Becoming Easier?
There are over 200 laboratory information management systems (LIMS) vendors so how do you find the right one? John Jones, CEO of LabLynx, Inc and the Laboratory Informatics Institute, guides us through the informatics landscape, with his top tips for choosing the right LIMS vendor for your laboratory and also shares his predictions for growth in laboratory informatics. Finally, he shares his insights on how laboratory informatics is just one disaster away from new regulation.


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